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While these two best friends have some beliefs on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding general humanity, from total skeptic to total hippie, Amy and Krista do agree on one thing: humans have got to get back to a place where we can have deep conversations even with [and especially with] those who do not share our exact viewpoints. 

These bewitches DO believe that it is time to get curious and to have sometimes what may be tough and challenging discussions. They have created and produced the Bewitched Banter podcast to do just that. Every week they hope to expand not only their own perspectives, but listeners’ too, by exploring topics that may stem from values that are different than their own.

Meet the Bewitches

Your Resident Skeptic


You might notice that Amy has a slight country twang. She grew up in a small, sleepy town that she fondly calls Meth Vernon. It is actually called Mt. Vernon but we don’t think there needs to be a lot of explanation there. She has an unconventional background. She grew up in the hillbilly world of Southern Indiana but was born in England. She was raised by your traditional English parents who have no filter and because of that most of her friends would describe her as being too honest for her own good. Her family also passed on the inability to ever get an idiom or saying right.

She wasn’t raised in a religious household but has attended church quite a few times after attending quite a few slumber parties growing up. She was told several times that she may end up in Hell from fellow church goers but has grown up and forgiven them. She has a general curiosity about peoples’ beliefs and may be a cynic but tries her best to open to hearing about this whole spooky, spiritual world that we will be discussing in Bewitched Banter.

Her middle name is Blair….is she really the Blair Witch?  Jury is out.



and the Believer...


Authentically and unapologetically herself, Krista may or may not be the reason behind Bewitched Banter's weekly explicit content  disclaimers.

While she is wildly passionate and can often go from zero to 100 real quickly, listeners can count on Krista to keep it one hundred every week. Maybe it’s the East Coaster in her that makes Krista so blunt, but she wears her heart on her sleeve and is a true believer in all things spiritual. She is learning to take a cue or two though from her bestie, Amy, to be far more skeptical -- in a healthy way. 

Not your average "Becky," [read basic b*tch…errr….witch] except when it comes to true crime and tea snobbery, Krista is fluent in Spanish and learned to love the language and Latinx culture since she was a little girl all thanks to her dear Abeula, Peggy. RIP. She actually learned Spanish also in part because of Lotería, or Mexican bingo, that Krista and her Abuela would play together in Cancún every summer. Lotería would later translate into her love of Tarot. Krista reads mostly for herself on full moons and sometimes for family and friends. She has had some spot-on readings for herself, but Krista mainly uses Tarot as a tool to connect with herself and with others when asked.



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